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Sponsorship Manager Upgrades and Enhancements Coming Soon

Friday, January 19, 2018

In March, you will see enhancements to the Sponsorship Manager application which allows you to sponsor someone for a SUNet ID. These changes will make the application easier to use and address recent changes in account sponsorship policy as documented in the Stanford Administrative Guide.

SUNet IDs provide access to Stanford computing services and are automatically granted to faculty, students, and staff. Occasionally, others — such as contractors or interns — need to have access to the university computing resources to do work in support of Stanford. Their SUNet IDs must be sponsored by a faculty member, a manager as defined by University Human Resources, or an individual who has sponsorship authority. The Sponsorship Manager application facilitates this process.


Changes you’ll notice in the improved Sponsorship Manager include:

  • A redesigned dashboard.
  • Role-based access.
  • Enhanced capabilities to search for and identify records.
  • Ability for sponsees to provide identifying information.

Policy changes

The upgraded application also reflects recent policy changes regarding sponsoring SUNet IDs. These changes are included in recent Stanford Administrative Guide updates and include:

  • Base SUNet IDs are available to recent alumni as defined by the Registrar.
  • Current hospital staff are no longer eligible for base SUNet IDs.
  • A SUNet ID can be sponsored by a faculty member, a manager as defined by HR, or an individual who has been granted the privilege to sponsor.

For the full policy, see the Administrative Guide, Section 6.4.1: Identification and Authentication Systems.

Use Sponsorship Manager

You can continue to access Sponsorship Manager at Upgrades and changes will appear automatically when released in March.

Stay tuned for more information, including a video tour of the new system.

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