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'Revel' in Optimized Dining

Monday, November 2, 2015

It’s an undeniable truth of our lives today that to keep up, we need to be on-the-go consumers. We rush from one thing to the next with no time to wait in line for anything. We strive to move quickly and seamlessly from decision to delivery so we can carry on with our other business.

Now, a new point-of-sale system for campus dining venues will help the Stanford community do just that.

Designed to make your life easier as a Stanford consumer, Revel Systems provides a secure tool that will allow Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) – with the help of University IT  to offer you new features to enhance your dining experience.

“The new Revel POS system allows us to bring new innovative services to our students, faculty, and staff.  In addition, the system will allow us an unprecedented level of university compliance,” said Michael Gratz, executive director of Stanford Hospitality and Auxiliaries.

Value for You

The most significant benefit to the new system is that it enables R&DE the opportunity to introduce new mobilized features for its clients. 

For example, an R&DE “FOOD ToGo” mobile app that allows you to preorder and skip ordering lines, onsite self-order kiosks, self-checkout lines, a customer loyalty program and more are all here or coming soon.

“The move to Revel will truly open many doors for improved service to our Stanford community,” said Danna Gianforte, chief information officer for R&DE.

University IT Collaboration

To make it happen, R&DE called on University IT for guidance and help integrating the new system with current technology at dining locations.

The collaboration included coordination over several months with efforts from four University IT teams:

  • The Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessment group and Information Security Office reviewed the service to make sure Revel Systems met Stanford's and the industry’s security and compliance requirements.
  • The Application Support and Card Services teams helped integrate the new system with Stanford’s existing campus card system to ensure students, faculty, and staff could continue to use their current meal plans and Cardinal Dollar account balances.
“The improved security by moving to a PCI Council validated point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) solution is what helps CIOs sleep at night. Removing our network, connected hardware and internal applications from PCI scope has dramatically improved credit card security and supportability. Without our partnership with University IT and its persistence and flexibility, this would not have been possible,” Gianforte said.

Next time you pick up a sandwich at Tresidder or a burger from The Axe & Palm, take a look at the new iPad point-of-sale system. You may even want to download the R&DE FOOD ToGo mobile app soon. Rest assured that the system behind them both is not only secure but designed to make your life as a consumer at Stanford a little easier.

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