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New Pilot Helps Groups Meet Minimum Security Standards

Friday, April 1, 2016

This month, the University IT Information Security Office (ISO) is continuing a two-month pilot program to help groups achieve and sustain 100 percent adoption of the Minimum Security Standards. In this new hands-on approach, ISO team members work closely with these groups to help them understand the standards and efficiently implement them.

“We enjoyed early success with partners in the School of Medicine and University IT,” said Michael Tran Duff, assistant vice president and chief information security officer. “Both groups made great strides forward with hundreds of their servers meeting key components of the Minimum Security Standards by the time we completed our first engagement.”

Pilot overview

The pilot, initially focused on the School of Medicine and University IT, includes the following:

  • Identification of your group’s major concerns about roadblocks to meeting the Minimum Security Standards. This occurs prior to the first meeting.
  • An initial meeting of up to four hours to:
    • present and discuss solutions to the pre-identified concerns and roadblocks;
    • assist with the deployment, troubleshooting, and configuration of systems; and
    • assess issues blocking progress, identify what ISO and your group need to do before a subsequent meeting, and schedule the next meeting to be within two weeks.
  • Subsequent working meetings until 100 percent adoption is achieved.

Depending on the program’s success in April, ISO will extend this program to other partners across campus.

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