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Deep Discounts on Pure Storage Now Available

Thursday, January 7, 2016

When Stanford schools and departments need storage, their first stop should be University IT (UIT).

We provide and manage several types of file and data storage services that deliver cost effective and hassle free alternatives that meet the broadest campus needs.  That said, there are a few large university areas that have some unique needs and choose to manage their own storage services.

If you manage storage for such an area, UIT wants to let you know about a recent agreement that was completed for Pure Storage, a leading-edge flash storage company. If your area is considering using Pure Storage, it should take advantage of this agreement.

Pure Storage Discounts

UIT and Applied Computer Science (ACS), a reseller of Pure Storage, negotiated these discounts, which are available to any Stanford school or unit that has a need for large amounts of data storage:

  • 61 percent off the list price for product purchases
  • 10 percent off the list prices for support services

How to Get Started

If you are interested in taking advantage of this agreement, or for more information about other agreements, you can get started by contacting Tracy Yuan, UIT Vendor Management.

University IT's Vendor Management group handles many aspects of vendor relations for the hardware and software we use to deliver our services.  When discussing the best terms for us, the team also looks for opportunities to include other parts of campus in the significant savings and benefits it negotiates for UIT. We recently completed such an agreement for Pure Storage.

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