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Communication and Networking Services Computer Aided Design Gets an Update

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

If you need insight into the layout of Stanford's complex campus communication and conduit systems, we have great news.

Recently, the Communication and Networking Services Computer Aided Design (CNSCAD) website has been updated to simplify the user experience.

While access is restricted, many members of the Stanford community have used the CNSCAD website to view Telecommunication Service Outlets (TSO) Signal Drawings since 2000.

TSO Signal Drawings act as roadmaps, highlighting locations’ network service, required activations, and needs for a technician. These efforts ensure optimal access to campus communication and Stanford network services.

Faster access and searches

The CNSCAD website updates make the user experience easier:

  • A direct link to a ServiceNow form for access to the CNSCAD website
  • Specified workflow routes for approval/denial of access
  • Quicker TSO Signal Drawing searches

Check out the new CNSCAD website and request access to TSO Signal Drawings today!

More about TSO Drawings

CNSCAD is an online platform for searching TSO Signal Drawings.

TSO Signal Drawings are mechanical drawings of the campus communication and conduit system. They are accessed primarily by University IT (UIT), department IT contacts, and facilities project managers building planning, employee desk layouts, and renovations.

TSO drawings include:

  • Communications wall outlets
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Cables

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