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Building the Next Generation of Development and Alumni Online Systems

UIT is joining forces with the Office of Development (OOD) and the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) to provide leadership and support for PostGrads and the ADAPT program.
Monday, April 23, 2018

This month, University IT began providing technical leadership and support for PostGrads and the ADAPT program under the business direction of OOD and SAA.

PostGrads is the alumni and donor information systems and database, and ADAPT is the Alumni and Development Applications Platform Transition program.

“Partnering with OOD and SAA to develop their online future is an exciting opportunity, and one where we can jointly make a significant impact,” said Steve Gallagher, Stanford’s CIO and leader of University IT. “Their business expertise combined with our experience developing and delivering enterprise systems leverages the strengths of all our organizations.”

Evolving the Online Experience

ADAPT launched in July 2015 and is a five-year program focused on modernizing the alumni and donor systems. Related functionality that is currently available on the legacy PostGrads environment will be enhanced and provided through a new system based on the Salesforce platform. The deliverables will allow OOD and SAA staff to work more efficiently and effectively, while also improving the online experience for donors and alumni.

UIT Partnership

UIT began working with OOD and SAA in late 2017 on a comprehensive review of the technical strategy for the ADAPT program. That review continued through winter quarter and resulted in recommendations and insights to inform a modified technology approach.

The leadership in OOD and SAA appreciated the extensive experience of UIT staff in leading successful large-system implementations, understanding modern solutions directed at the specific needs of development and alumni affairs, and leveraging their networks beyond Stanford to help make similar initiatives successful.

Upcoming Changes

As a result of the recent collaboration, OOD and SAA and UIT leadership jointly decided to transfer the responsibility for support and maintenance of PostGrads, and the technology planning and delivery of ADAPT to UIT, effective April 16. This transition enables OOD/SAA to leverage UIT’s large-scale system strengths in these areas both now and into the future.

“This is the right new course for ADAPT and Stanford,” said Barbara Pugliese, chief financial officer in SAA and ADAPT program sponsor. “Indeed, we believe these changes will ensure the success of the program, while also bringing new technology thought leadership to OOD and SAA.”

Given the key roles so many of the OOD and SAA technology team play in supporting PostGrads and ADAPT, much of that staff has also transitioned to UIT (under Administrative Systems). The transitioning personnel include Alumni and Development Information Systems (ADIS) developers, business analysts, quality assurance analysts, and infrastructure specialists. These new UIT team members will continue to reside at 1841 Page Mill Road. The OOD and SAA help desk and administrative support staff will remain with those organizations.

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