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AirWatch Agent is Now Intelligent Hub

Thursday, October 25, 2018

You might notice, if you update the applications on your mobile device, that the name and application icon for the AirWatch Agent has changed. This is because VMware, the developer of the AirWatch Agent, changed the name and branding of the product on Oct. 25. The AirWatch Agent is now known as Intelligent Hub.

Airwatch Agent is an application that you downloaded onto your mobile device that helps to protect your privacy and the university’s data. The university uses the Airwatch Agent as its primary tool for Mobile Device Management.

No impact to existing devices

If your AirWatch Agent application upgrades, either because you manually choose to upgrade or your device automatically upgrades applications for you, you will notice a change in the application icon and the name, but there will be no other impact to your device. All of the features of the previous version are supported and you can be confident that your device will continue to function as before.

Get help

If you have questions or concerns about this change, please submit a Help ticket.

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