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Web Infrastructure & Resources

Stanford’s centrally provided web services are available free to University departments, officially recognized groups, and all members of the Stanford community who have a full-service SUNet ID. These services are part of the main campus computing infrastructure and are handled by a server called For a broader overview of web related services, visit the University Web Services page.


  • Fancy Indexing
  • The server can generate directory listings for the directories that do not have an index.html file.
  • Server-Side Includes
    You can add limited dynamic content to existing HTML documents.
  • Limiting Access
    Limit access to your web pages at the network level and/or by password protection.
  • Secure connection
    How to ensure the security of web pages that contain sensitive data.
  • Publishing
    How to put your web pages onto the web servers.
  • Page Redirects
    You can setup an automatic redirect for a page. For example, visitors requesting your old home page can be redirected to your new home page.
  • CGI Service
    You can use the CGI service to provide dynamic content, collect and process user input, and generate visitor statistics.
  • MySQL Database Hosting
  • Log Dump and Analysis Service
    You can request raw server logs for your web site and run the logs through the statistics generator of your choice, let Administrative Systems' Analysis Service perform the analysis for you, or both. If you need cumulative reports on more than one directory or reports on a proxy, you can use the Compound Requests Form.

Designed for

Faculty, students, and staff.


A full-service SUNetID.

Data security

May not be used with High Risk Data.


Free of charge.

Get help

For support, please submit a Help request.

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Last modified April 12, 2023