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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Enterprise reporting at Stanford

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is the next-generation business intelligence system for enterprise reporting at Stanford. Users can access a full range of reporting and analysis tools via OBIEE including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, financial reports, and search.



The reporting and analysis content available via OBIEE covers a wide range of data including:

  • Authority Manager and Workgroup Manager 
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Faculty Inquiry Tool
  • Faculty Ad-hoc Reports
  • Finance — Payroll and Labor Management
  • Finance — Expense Requests and SU Credit Card Activity
  • Finance — Reference Data and Inquiry
  • Finance — Consolidated Expenditure Reporting (Available April 2016)
  • Finance — Spend Analytics
  • Finance — Capital Accounting Debt Management System
  • HR — Metrics, HR Operations, Benefits, and Payroll
  • HR — Time and Leave (Timecard entries and leave accruals)
  • HR — Training and Registration (STARS)
  • IT services billing
  • Research Administration (Pre-Award)
  • Residential & Dining Enterprises
  • Space Management
  • Student — Administration and Records
  • Student — Grad and Undergrad Admissions
  • Student — Financial Aid
  • Student — Financial Services
  • Student — Graduate Financial Support
  • Student — Analytics (SIRIS)

Designed for

Faculty and staff


  • Must have an active SUNet ID
  • Must have authorization granted through Authority Manager

Data security

May be used with Low and Moderate Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office. 


Free of charge

Get started

Access to the OBIEE portal is authorized via the Authority Manager application by the respective department stakeholders.  

AS offers an Introduction to the Stanford BI Portal (AS-6005) class via STARS on a monthly basis.

Get help

Submit a Help request.

Last modified January 7, 2022