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Instacloud Shared Responsibility Model

Instacloud uses a shared responsibility model for server and application maintenance. The following summarizes those responsibilities for you, UIT, and any cloud vendors you use.

Infographic showing UIT Instacloud Shared Responsibility Model. Described below.

UIT Instacloud Responsibility Model

Client is responsible for securing the things in the cloud account

  • ServiceNow: Submit tickets to decommission, change billing PTA, etc.
  • Secure: Remove unused accounts, disable services etc.
  • Maintenance: Update installed software and applications, etc.
  • Manage user accounts
  • Install your own software
  • Configure applications and datanbases

Instacloud is responsible for setting cloud account controls, provisioning server, applying OS patches, monitoring

  • ServiceNow: Submit tickets to decommission, change billing PTA, etc.
  • OS security patches.
  • Campus integration
  • Security software
  • Snapshots
  • Cloud account management, security groups, VPC Peering, Log configuration
  • Provisioning and automation
  • Vendor discounts (sustained and committed use)
  • Billing (ServiceNow)

Cloud vendor is responsible for securing the cloud, data centers, hardware

  • Cloud console and software
    • Compute
    • Storage
    • Database
    • Networking
  • Cloud Global Infrastructure
    • Regions
    • Availability zones
    • Edge locations

Modified from the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.

Last modified January 8, 2022