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University Firewall Service

A firewall is a filter for network traffic, being either network (hardware) or host (operating system) based. Depending on which types of traffic it allows or denies, a firewall can reduce the risk of unwanted network intrusions ("hacking") as well as limit the spread of viruses and other computer security compromises.


  • Consulting services for firewall topology and design
  • Connectivity on a shared, hardware firewall and all associated network switches
  • Implementation of the firewall, firewall rules, documentation pages, etc.
  • On-going firewall and associated switch maintenance and support
  • 24/7 Monitoring hardware firewall, switches and associated infrastructure

Designed for

The University Firewall Service is designed for Stanford clients who need to protect University resources (and associated data) via the network. University IT maintains network firewalls for two distinct clients: University (academic and administrative departments) and Residential (student residences).


  • Designation of an application owner and rule approval delegate for your firewall service (typically an LNA).  These individuals manage and authorize firewall rule changes.
  • Critical knowledge of your network:  IP space, desired firewall rules, contact info for application owners & rule approval delegates.
  • Clients should determine the need for additional firewall related services (Load Balancing, SUNAC, NetDB Automation, etc...)
  • Administrative access to NetDB for your network

Data security

May be used to protect Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office.  


Free of charge

Get started

  • Each firewall environment has an accompanying firewall documentation page with up-to-date firewall policy and relevant network information.
    • Firewall documentation page access is restricted through the use of workgroups and the relevant workgroup is listed on the documentation page.  If you need access to your firewall documentation page, please follow up with the appropriate Application Owners (usually your LNA and/or the first person listed as the rule approver when you submit a rule request).  
  • While anyone with a SUNet ID can submit a firewall rule request, only the designated Application Owner or Rule Approver can approve requests submitted for a firewall project.

Get help

If you need to initiate a new firewall project, please submit a Help request.

For additional inquiries regarding the University or Residential firewall services, please contact the Firewall Team.


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Last modified March 13, 2024