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Stanford Debian Archives

In September 2022, rates will change for several of the technology services provided by University IT. To view the majority of our planned rate changes for services that are broadly available to our community, please visit this page. For more information, please visit the rates section of our website.


This service provides two archives:

  1. Stanford’s Debian Mirror Archive: a local mirror of official Debian and Ubuntu software package archives for quicker system builds and updates
  2. Stanford’s Debian Local Package Archive: a local Debian archive for the serving of Stanford-specific Debian packages

Designed for

Stanford IT professionals running Debian servers or building Debian-based containers


This service is available both off- and on-campus.

Data security

Stanford’s Local Debian Package Archive is signed with a public/private keypair


This service is free

Get started

To get started, review these instructions on pointing to the Stanford Debian Mirror Archive or the Stanford Debian Local Archive.

Get help

If you have questions:

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Last modified April 23, 2019