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Communication and Collaboration

Projects to support priority

We will partner with the Administrative Planning Executive Committee (APEx) to:

  • Evolve our integrated collaboration/communication solution to include voice, video, and instant messaging in addition to email and calendar, and
  • Plan and support robust solutions between Main Campus, Redwood City, and other remote sites.
Project/Description Key Dates Contacts

Business Affairs
Document roadmap for network, voice and video services in support of Main Campus, the Redwood City Campus, and potential remote sites.


Mark Miyasaki

Maria Maravilla

Business Affairs
Standardize audio/video-conferencing capability campus-wide.

a) Inventory existing conference rooms and current-state technology (July 2017)

b) Begin discussion of standards with CIO Council (August 2017)

c) Initiate conceptual discussion and gather feedback from LBRE and UBO regarding funding strategy for standard AV for conference rooms (October 2017)

d) Finalize standards, in collaboration with CIO Council and APEx for conference room technology (November 2017)

e) Complete final recommendations regarding conference room upgrades (January 2018)


Matthew Ricks

Maria Maravilla

Business Affairs
Make Stanford voice services available at all locations and to users’ desk phones, soft clients, and mobile devices. Give users the ability to take their Stanford calls on their cell phones.


Mark Miyasaki

Maria Maravilla

Last modified August 31, 2017