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Monthly Video Conferencing Participants Doubled Over Past Year

Increased use improves collaboration
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

If you feel like you’ve attended a lot of meetings via video conference lately, you’re not alone. University participation in video conferencing has more than doubled over the past year, increasing from 31,403 participants in September 2016 to a whopping 64,448 participants in September 2017, the most recent month for which these statistics are available.

The number of meetings held via video conferencing has also increased from 9,872 in September 2016 to 13,626 in September 2017.

These changes are good news for the university. Today, video conferencing technology helps staff members collaborate with one another between the main campus and remote sites. Soon, they’ll need to collaborate between the main campus and Stanford in Redwood City. Because of this, improving video conferencing is a key piece of the Business Affairs 2018 communication and collaboration initiative.

To learn more about video conferencing at Stanford, and how to use Zoom (which UIT rolled out in July 2017) for meetings, visit the video conferencing website. The website also includes resources to build and support a meeting room enabled for video conferencing, which is part of UIT’s work to simplify collaboration by standardizing video conferencing technology used in campus meeting rooms.


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