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How to Change Two-Step Authentication Off-campus Login Behavior

This setting allows you to choose whether you can access two-step-protected information from anywhere in the world or only on Stanford's network. This option is only available to you after you've set up two-step authentication. If you have not done so, or if you have removed two-step authentication from your account, you will not have a link to your off-campus login behavior.

  1. On your desktop or laptop browser, visit the Stanford Accounts Application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click the Two-Step Auth tab.
  4. Click Set Restriction.
    button to change off-campus restrictions
  5. On the next page you will be presented with two choices:
    • Allow Two-Step Authentication logins from off campus: Default. Access two-step authentication protected Stanford pages from anywhere in the world.
      select option to allow logins from off-campus
    • Deny logins from off-campus: This option will prevent you from accessing two-step authentication protected Stanford pages from any computer not on a Stanford internet address or Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please set this only if you intend to access Stanford WebAuth protected resources from on-campus or via VPN, as this will interfere with normal off-campus accesses.
      select to deny logins from off-campus
  6. Select the option that you prefer. Your preference will be set accordingly.
Last modified December 5, 2016