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Linking to StanfordWho Results

Stanford web sites can link to StanfordWho search results, instead of displaying static contact information on web pages (where it can go out of date and be easily picked up by spam robots).

Display public search results

Display matches in the public view of the directory, using this URL (replacing "jdoe" with a SUNet ID or other search term):


You can pass a search via URL using any term or combination of terms allowed in the StanfordWho search box, and replacing spaces and punctuation with escape codes.

replace with
space %20
period (.) %2E
hyphen (-) %2D
@ %40

Display Stanford- and Affiliates-only search results

Display matches in the restricted (Stanford- and Affiliates-only) view of the directory — the user will be required to login to view the results. This search uses https to connect to the secure server, and adds /auth/ to the path before the lookup command:


Legacy links

Because so many web sites were already using links to StanfordWho results, the new StanfordWho application continues to support the previous URL structure:


However, there is one important difference in the way search URLs are now handled: you must now be careful not to use https unless you are explicitly requesting a secure Stanford-only search, and the URL includes /auth/lookup. If you use https with a public search request, the server will redirect the search from the secure server to the public server, and the user may see a security alert in their browser.

Last modified December 3, 2012