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Desktop Configuration Management (DCM)

Desktop Configuration Management (DCM) is a service offering from University IT for use by technical support staff. It enables departments to standardize the configuration settings on their computers using an automated process.This service is available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The DCM service is based on Desktop Configuration Management Best Practices, which defines configuration standards for hardware, software, Internet, network, and security settings. The DCM tool automates the application of those standards.


  • Tightens security.
  • Masks the complexity of the network from users.
  • Ensures desktop-business application compatibility.
  • Reduces user and consultant training costs.
  • Facilitates changes when computers move or devices are added to the network.

Getting Started

Departments should refer to the Desktop Configuration Management Best Practices to assist in their decision to opt-in to the DCM service. The DCM tool is available with a base level of functionality. Local department customizations and a review process for those customizations are part of the service offering.

For more information about Desktop Configuration Management, submit a HelpSU request

Note: DCM is NOT an end user tool; in all cases, be sure to consult with a trained desktop technician before installing the tool on a computer.

For IT providers

Last modified January 5, 2016