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Technology Consulting

University IT offers custom contract server support for systems running modern Linux,  Windows Server and OS X Server operating systems. We offer expertise as technology consultants, advisers and administrators. Our goal is to provide superior client support while helping our partners maximize their IT investment. We work closely with CRC Desktop Support to provide comprehensive, responsive technology assistance for your entire organization.

We offer multiple support offerings for real and virtualized servers. Our complimentary consultation will help determine your needs.

Comprehensive support

Standard environments

Our premier service tier provides end-to-end support throughout the lifecycle of your server, provided during normal business hours. Most office file servers fall under this service offering, which is intended for groups that depend on their server for their day-to-day operations.

  • System installation for new systems, or system stabilization for existing systems
  • Configuration and campus infrastructure integration
  • Regular and scheduled maintenance
  • Prioritized HelpSU problem resolution
  • Proactive monitoring, alerting and backup administration
  • Security auditing and system hardening
  • User and workgroup management
  • Consultative services and documentation

Complex environments

For particularly complex or sophisticated systems, a supplemental charge covers the additional work necessary for administration and management. An example of this type of server might be one that has an attached RAID and runs backup software for all the office desktops, plus is a typical file server. We perform all the administration associated with Standard Environments above, plus additional administration.

  • Management of attached storage, networking
  • Administration of server peripherals
  • Assistance with third-party software

Flexible support

This unique service offering provides three hours of support each month. Each month's recurring service session is scheduled in advance. This affordable service tier is perfect for organizations with existing, on-site support.

  • Technology Consulting collaborates with your organization's representative 
  • For continued assistance beyond three hours, project work becomes On Call Support and billed hourly
  • Does not include proactive support, monitoring or backup administration
  • Incident support issues handled during work session hours

On call support

Systems support provided on a per-hour basis, as available, with a minimum of one hour's work, billed in hourly increments.

  • For projects and occasional needs
  • For existing clients
  • Complements Flexible Support for project work

Additional support

  • Virtual Machine (VM) Support. We provide Comprehensive Support for remotely-accessed guest operating systems in the cloud, such as with Amazon's Cloud or Microsoft Azure. It's discounted to reflect the absence of hardware maintenance. We also support physical VM host servers under our regular Comprehensive Support contract.
Last modified March 20, 2017