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Managed Cloud Backup (Cloudberry Backup for Servers)

TCG offers a managed cloud backup service for servers, including those that TCG doesn’t manage. With managed cloud backup, you can save on backup costs and gain protection from natural disasters.

Your data is securely transmitted to the cloud using bank-quality TLS/SSL encryption, stored on encrypted storage with limited  access protected by two-factor authentication. You gain protection from earthquakes, fires, and accidental deletions, with the benefit of extraordinary cost savings when compared to other local or on-premise solutions.

Our Operations team will provide you with a custom software installer which you can install yourself (or we can, if you prefer). If necessary, we'll use our secure proxy service if the system is on a non-internet routable private network.

We will choose the cloud storage vendor and class of storage that’s most compatible with your type of data, your budget and your team’s workflow. We will configure and manage a dedicated cloud account that’s integrated with Stanford’s Oracle Financials and charged directly to your PTA. We will define the retention period that conforms with any data management and handling obligations that might be associated with a project or agency.

Once software is installed, we will perform daily monitoring of the progress of your backups to ensure ongoing protection. We will even do occasional restores to test the fidelity of the retrieved data. Any time data needs to be restored to your system, we will initiate and monitor the progress of data retrieval.

This service is already included in TCG's Comprehensive Support agreements.


Affordable server backup, with long term archival cloud storage that’s as low as .099¢ per GB per month; that's about a dollar per terabyte per month.

  • Approved for all data risk categories, including protected health information (PHI).
  • Data is protected by encryption in transit and at rest.
  • TCG tunes your backups for performance, remotely monitors completion, and performs test restores.
  • Billed directly to your organization's PTA.

Designed for

  • Servers managed by local IT support professionals for departments, workgroups, or schools.
  • Physical, virtual, on-campus, or cloud-based systems.


Supported servers: modern Windows Server and Linux operating systems.


Clients pay for their cloud-related expenses, including storage, data retrieval, network throughput, transactional operations (GET, PUT and other types of calls), and any other expenses incurred in your dedicated cloud account. These expenses typically scale proportionally with the volume of data that's protected, type of cloud storage used, and frequency of backup activities, and can be affected by adjusting the priority and expediency of restores, early file deletions, and potentially other factors.

Technology Consulting Group uses a flat monthly cost recovery charge for actively managing your server backups. This includes the software licenses and is added to your cloud bill and charged to your PTA each month.

Last modified October 4, 2019