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Cardinal Cable TV Service Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides information about the retirement of Cardinal Cable TV Service.

Q: Can I cancel my cable before July 31st?
A: Yes. To stop cable TV service and avoid further charges, you will need to change or cancel your service online and return your cable TV box. For subscribers with bundled services (i.e., internet and cable TV), you can submit a change service request to only remove the cable TV service from your bundle.
Q: If terminated halfway through the month, will I be pro-rated?
A: Yes. The cancellation date goes into effect on the same day the request is submitted.
Q: Is there still a fee of $200 applied for equipment if not returned within 5 days?
A: Yes. In order to complete the cancellation process, your cable tv box should be returned to Puichon Hall at 169 Searsville Road, Stanford. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Q: Are there any early termination fees that would apply?
A: No. The cancellation goes into effect on the same day the request is submitted without any additional fees.
Q: Do I need to adjust my payments/billing?
A: It will depend on which payment plan you use:
  • If you use an autopay "Bill Pay" plan, no adjustment is necessary since the balance due will be paid.
  • If you use an autopay “User Defined” plan, you will need to adjust your payment to the new rate.
  • For instructions on how to check your account details, visit How to Pay Your Bill.
Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem with my billing?
A: For billing or service questions, contact University IT Monday—Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 650-725-4357 (select option 4) or submit a Help request.
Q: Will this impact my internet or telephone services?
A: No. This change only impacts cable tv subscriptions.
Q: What is my new rate if I had internet only or internet and voice package once the cable service is retired?
A: You can find the rates here. If you have automatic payments, you will need to adjust the monthly amount.
Q: What are my options for Cable TV services?
A: We have found that traditional cable television providers are constantly updating their service offerings, so it is recommended to reach out to local service providers to inquire about cable tv services for your location. If you would like to compare streaming services, visit live TV streaming services.
Q: Will Stanford’s high-speed data service be sufficient for streaming services?
A: Yes. Stanford’s “up to Gig” high-speed wired data service will support streaming services.
Q: How can I watch Pac12 without Cable TV service?
A: Some live TV streaming services allow you to stream the Pac12 network without a cable or satellite subscription.
Last modified May 4, 2023