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Navigating around WebAFS


There are a number of ways to navigate between the different directories in your AFS space. You can:

  • return to your home directory with one click
  • move up and down the current directory one level at a time
  • jump to any directory in the Current AFS Directory Path
  • go to a directory that you specify

Return to Your Home Directory

  • To go back to your home directory at any time, click Home in the upper right of the window.

    link to your home directory

Move Down or Up One Level in the Current Directory

  • To move down one level, click the folder icon next to the name of the folder or click the folder name.

    move down one level in the current directory

  • To move up one level, click Go Up ↑ .
    move up one level in the current directory

Change Directories

To go to a directory in the Current AFS Directory Path:

  • Click any name in the path to go to that directory.
    click folder name in path

To go to a specific directory:

  1. Click Change at the end of the Current AFS Directory Path.

  2. Type the path of the AFS directory to which you want to go and then click Go.

    Note: Entering a nonexistent AFS path does not generate an error message. Instead, the directory path changes to your home directory.

    change the AFS directory path

Other Navigation Aids

Favorite Locations: You can create a shortcut to an AFS location that you access frequently by making it a favorite location. See Setting Favorite Locations for more information.

Refresh: The Refresh button updates the list of files and subfolders that are displayed for the Current AFS Directory Path. This can be useful if more than one person is accessing the same directory.

Last modified December 9, 2015