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Align System Engineering and Application Development Functions

The new organization will further consolidate and align enterprise engineering and development activities with a goal of better leveraging our specialized capabilities while allowing for flexibility where most needed.

UIT’s research computing and enterprise technology can be described by a layered technology model that broadly includes IT facilities, networking, system infrastructure, data, middleware, and applications.



UIT’s enterprise engineering and development activities will be further consolidated within a few dedicated areas:

  • All on-premise enterprise data center and communications facilities engineering will reside within Communications and IT Facilities.
  • All enterprise data networking, communications, and related supporting technologies will reside within the Communications and IT Facilities department.
  • All enterprise-class system infrastructure, platform infrastructure, middleware, identity management, applications, and other associated systems will be consolidated into a single Enterprise Technology department.
  • “Full-stack” high performance research computing and consulting services will reside within Research Computing (excluding on-premise IT Facilities and networking).
  • Research Computing strategies will be aligned with Enterprise Technology and Information Security Office best practices and requirements.
  • Specialized engineering support, automation, and management technologies may remain resident within each local engineering department.