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Filtering Spam with your Email Program

You have the option of filtering or deleting spam using Webmail filtering. A Webmail filter creates filters on the server that are applied as the messages are delivered to your mailbox. This allows you to create filters in one place instead of defining them within each email program you use.


If you choose not to use Webmail filtering, you can use the built-in filtering functions of your own email program. All you have to do is tell your email program to look for the "[SPAM:###]" tags applied by Stanford's Anti-Spam program and, when it finds them, to filter them into a separate folder or delete them altogether. Instructions that apply to most of the major email programs at Stanford can be found below.

Email program spam filtering

Apple Mail
Instructions for configuring Apple Mail.
Outlook for Windows
Instructions for configuring Microsoft Outlook.
Thunderbird:  Windows | Mac
Instructions for configuring Thunderbird.
Instructions for configuring Webmail. [Note: Webmail filters are always running in the background and remove spam before it reaches your email Inbox — even when you are not running Webmail.]
Last modified May 23, 2014