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Sending Bulk Emails

Anyone at Stanford can send an email to a large list of Stanford email addresses from a Stanford email account. However, if you are sending email to a large group of Stanford email addresses using a third party service, like a survey website, the email delivery might be prevented by spam and security filters.

With advance notice of your plan to send such an email, the Stanford Email Team can ensure that your email message bypasses spam and other security scans and is delivered successfully to Stanford email addresses.

Get started

To request that the Stanford email team prepare the email system to deliver your bulk email, submit a Help request that contains the following information:

  • Sender address or domain
  • Date the email will be sent
  • Subject of the email

Please note the following about the delivery of your email:

  • Delivery of the email is enabled for a two week window of time.
  • Emails sent to non-Stanford addresses are not guaranteed delivery by this service as they are not managed by the Stanford email team.

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Last modified December 5, 2017