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Create and Edit a Web Form

Note: when editing a live, published form, any changes, additions, or deletions you make will be effective immediately.

Create your form

You can create a form and publish it immediately or save it for later editing and publishing.

  1. Open Form Builder
  2. Click Create New Form. The Build-Edit-Publish-Manage view opens with the Edit tab on top.
  3. Type a form name (required), and an introduction (optional).
  4. Click Save Form Properties.
  5. Click Build. The Build tab opens.
  6. Click a field type to add it to your form. Form Builder automatically opens the Edit tab and prompts you to name the field and to set properties.
  7. Click Save Field Properties. The Edit Form window is divided into two vertical views: BUILD/EDIT/PUBLISH, and  PREVIEW/EDIT. Each time you add a field, it is automatically added and saved to the bottom of the form, and is displayed in the right side of the window under PREVIEW/EDIT.

  8. Continue to add fields until your form has all the elements you need. As you build your form, keep an eye on the form preview to make sure the labels are correct and the form is easy to use.

Edit and refine your form

Once you create your basic form, you will probably want to rearrange, edit, or add fields to make it easy to use and fill out. If you're not already on the form, navigate to it by opening  Click the name of the form you want to edit. The form will open in Edit view and a preview of the form will display to the right of the Build tab.

  • To add a field, click a field type. Form Builder automatically adds the field to the bottom of the form and opens the Edit tab so that you can name the field and set its properties. Click Save Field Properties.
  • To edit a field, hover your cursor over the field in the form preview and click Edit. Alternatively, click on the field in the preview view.

  • To delete a field, hover your cursor over the field in the form preview and click Edit. The field's edit form will load. At the bottom, click Delete Field. You will need to confirm the delete. Please note that any data saved in that field will be deleted as well and cannot be undone.

  • To move a field higher or lower in the form, hover your cursor over the field in the form preview and click and drag it to the desired location; click Save Changes to Field Order to save the new form layout. Alternatively, you can edit the location by changing the numbers next to the fields and then saving.


Make your form live

When you are satisfied with your form, click the Publish tab in Form Builder to begin setting your publishing preferences. See Publish and Manage Web Forms.

Last modified September 6, 2013