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Adding and Removing Admins

You can share the administration of your form with others. Your co-administrators will be able to manage the form and the data collected.

Adding administrators directly

To add a new administrator, enter their primary SUNetID and click Add Admin

Note: If you receive a message that the person does not have an account, first double-check that you are using their correct primary SUNetID (e.g. johndoe, not If that looks OK, ask them to visit: This will create a new account for them automatically. Once that is done, you can add them as an administrator to your form.

Sharing Access through AFS Permissions

You can share administration of your form by giving others access to the directory in AFS where the form is located. When someone has administrative (admin) permissions, he is allowed to see, change, and move files. You can assign administrative permissions for the AFS directory that holds your form, but not to a single form with this method.

Grant access to all forms in a directory

  1. Make sure the person has administrative access to the AFS space where your form is kept. For security reasons and to make forms easy to find, you might want to store all of your forms in a single directory and give admin permissions for that directory only. Learn how to set permissions.
  2. Have your co-workers verify that they are listed as an administrator and add your form to their list of managed forms. Enter the form's URL at and click Add.
    add form

    Let's say, for example, that you created a form published at and one of your colleagues is an admin of /afs/ir/dept/foo. When he enters the form's URL in the Form Management screen and clicks Add, the form is added to the list of forms he'll see when he visits
Last modified March 4, 2016