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Online Voicemail Portal Contents

Stanford University and School of Medicine

Welcome Window

The Welcome window opens when you log in to the web portal. The New Voice, New Fax, and New Email links provide easy access to your new messages. Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to manage messages, contacts, and options.

main window

Portal Functions

The follow table shows the portal buttons and their functions. If an item in the table isn't displayed in your portal, your phone doesn't support that function.

local mailbox Lists all of the messages in your inbox (including fax messages if you have opted to receive them).
 folders Lists all your folders. Click the folder name to open it. Click the Empty Trash link to permanently remove deleted items and free up email quota space. Empty the trash regularly, especially if you forward your messages to your email account and keep a copy on the server.
 contacts Add contacts. Import contacts (Windows Outlook only). Add, delete, edit distribution lists.
 options User Information
User Profile 
Personal and general account information
  • Personal Information
  • Account Information
    Includes stats on your Voice Mailbox Usage percentage, your Email Quota, and your Email Usage. You can also click the Edit button and enter or change your Personal Assistant Number.
Settings for Passwords.
Work Schedule 
Set up your working schedule for voice mail greetings.
Review (or click Edit to change) your schedule for each day of the week.
Telephone Lines 
Change language settings.
Manage Greetings.
  • Canned Greetings:
    • Play Personal Greeting if available
    • Play System Greeting with name
    • Play System Greeting with number
    • Play System Greeting with neither name nor number
  • Name and Greetings
    Play and edit existing greetings. Upload or record new greetings. (In general, the phone gives better sound quality for recording greetings.)
    • Spoken name
    • Personal Greeting
    • Extended Absence Greeting
    • Busy Greeting
    • Find-me/Follow-me Greeting
Message Management
Voice Mail 
Voice mail settings.
Fax settings.
You can click Edit and change your personal (default) fax number for printing faxes.
Forward to  Email 
Mail forwarding settings.
  • Forward All Mails Enabled
  • Keep a Copy
  • Do not Forward Automatic Message
  • Forward to Email Addresses (lets you change or add forwarding addresses)
Call treatment 
This is how I want to be reached.
  • Find-me/Follow-me Enabled
  • Reach me at
    Set alternate telephone number(s) and number of rings
  • Automatically select a Find-me/Follow-me profile based on day and time of call.
  • Use following Find-me/Follow-me profile
My telephone  numbers 
Telephone numbers where I can be reached.
Click Edit and add, delete, or change work, home, mobile, and custom numbers. Also control the number of rings (three rings is recommended).
This is how calls should be treated based on time and the calling number.
Set or edit your default profile. Add a new profile.
Advanced  FMFM options 
Advanced FMFM call connection settings.
(reserved for future use)
 logout Click this button to log out of the portal.
Last modified December 9, 2015