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Set up Numeric Paging

To receive notification...

Message Waiting Notification (whether by page, phone, or email) is triggered only when a message is saved on the voicemail server. If you forward your voicemails to email, you must elect to keep a copy on the server in order to receive notification of messages.

Stanford University and School of Medicine

Note: At present, this option is controlled only from the portal.

You have the option to receive Message Waiting Notification on your numeric pager.

To set up numeric paging:

  1. Log in to the web portal at (Remind me how)
  2. Click Options.
    The User Preferences page displays.

    User preferences

  3. Click Voice Mail
    The Voice mail settings links display.

    Voicemail settings

  4. Click MWN By Numeric Page.
    The interface for setting up pager notification displays.
  5. Click Edit.
    The Edit User Parameters page displays.

      Numeric paging settings

  6. Use the Notification enabled for arrow to select All Messages, Urgent Messages, or None.
  7. If you want to store messages in off time, check the box.
  8. In the Paging Number field, type in the Hospital/University paging system number (38222), or, if you are using another paging service, its ten-digit number.
  9. In the Dial String field, type in your dial string (pager ID). (If you are using a paging service other than the Hospital/University paging system, the dial string may not be required.)
  10. Choose your Notification Schedule for Normal Messages and for Urgent Messages.
    If you want the Notification Schedule to be the same as your default work schedule, click the Same as work schedule radio button.
    If you click Add Schedule, a screen will display that allows you to set up a customized schedule for each day of the week.
    Note: You can find your default work schedule by clicking Options in the navigation bar, and then Work Schedule (under User Information) in the User Preferences screen.
  11. Click Update.
Last modified December 9, 2015