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Review Voicemail Folders and Empty Trash Online

Empty Trash

The Folder Parameters screen provides an "Empty Trash" link. It's important to empty the Trash folder, as the messages it holds contribute toward your 100-message quota.

Stanford University and School of Medicine

To review your voicemail folders from the portal:

  1. Log in to the web portal at (Remind me how)
    The Welcome (Voice Messaging Portal) screen displays.
  2. Click Folders.
    The Folder screen opens, containing links to your Deleted Items, Sent Items, Junk E-mail, Empty Trash, and Inbox.
    Note: You can't create, delete, or otherwise manage folders in the portal, as the folders are created on the voicemail server to categorize your messages.


  3. Click Deleted Items to view messages you've deleted through the portal (not your phone).
    Use the Deleted Items folder to recover any message listed. All messages deleted through the portal remain on the server until you empty the Trash folder. This is different from messages deleted via the phone — once you hang up the phone, those messages are deleted and not recoverable.
  4. Click Empty Trash to delete all messages in the Trash folder.
  5. Click Inbox to view a list of messages in your inbox. If you have opted to receive fax messages, they will be listed here as well.
Last modified December 9, 2015