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Print Faxes from Voicemail

Stanford University and School of Medicine

You can use the voice messaging system to choose where your fax is printed.

To print a fax:

  • Press 1 to print it to your default (personal) fax machine.
  • Press 2 to print it to a ten-digit number that you enter. This number overrides the default number for this instance.
  • Press 3 to print it to the number from which you are calling. Remember, the phone must be fax-enabled.

Set your default (personal) fax number

To set your default fax machine number:

  1. Connect to your mailbox. (Remind me how)
    The system responds with the status of any messages in the mailbox and prompts you with the Main Menu selections.
  2. Press 4, Change personal options.
    The system prompts you with the Personal Options Menu selections.
  3. Press 5, Manage fax options. Then press:
    • 1 to enter (or re-enter) your ten-digit default fax number
    • 2 to delete the number
    • 3 to hear the number

Note: You can also set your fax machine number through the voicemail portal.

Last modified July 5, 2012