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Voicemail Personal Distribution Lists

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Personal distribution lists can save you time if you regularly send messages to the same group of people. These lists provide a way of storing up to 25 mailbox numbers per list. Messages can be sent to all members of the list using a two-digit destination number. You can create new lists, delete lists, or review and modify existing lists. You can also use system distribution lists that have been created and assigned a list name by your system manager.

Note: You can have as many as 15 personal distribution lists (numbered from 11 to 30), with up to 25 mailbox numbers per list. Check with your system manager to find out how many you may have. The system tells you when you have exceeded the number allowed.

Access the Personal Distribution List option

Key Tip

Modify an existing list:

  • 4
  • 3
  • 4


  1. Connect to your mailbox.  (Remind me how)
    The system responds with the status of any messages in the mailbox and prompts you with the Main Menu selections.
  2. Press 4.
    The system prompts you with the Personal Options Menu selections.
  3. Press 3, Manage distribution lists.
  4. Press: 1  to review existing lists
    Press: 2  to create a new list
    Press: 3  to delete an existing list
    Press: 4  to modify a list

Create a new Personal Distribution List

Depending on your system, you can have as many as 15 personal distribution lists (numbered from 11 to 30), with up to 25 mailbox numbers per list.

  1. Press 2, Create new list.
  2. Assign a two-digit number (from 11 to 30).
    The system prompts you to name the list by recording the name over the phone.
  3. Record the name for the list.
    (For example, "Regional Sales Managers.")
  4. Press # to continue.
    The system instructs you on how to add a subscriber to the distribution list.
  5. Enter the mailbox number or spell the name of each person you want on the list.
  6. Press # to spell a name using the telephone keypad to enter the letters.
    Use the same procedure to remove a subscriber from a list.
  7. Press *.
    To exit and save the completed list.

How to use your Personal Distribution List

When sending or forwarding a message, use a personal distribution list exactly as you would a mailbox number.

  1. When the system prompts for the ten-digit destination mailbox:
    Enter the personal distribution list number followed by #.
    For example, 11#.
    (You don't need to wait for the prompt to complete; you can interrupt it to speed up the sending process.)
    In this example, the system would respond with "Personal distribution list 11."
  2. The system prompts for additional addresses.
    Enter another personal distribution list or an additional mailbox number if desired.
  3. When you are finished specifying all destinations, press # and follow the prompts to complete sending your message.
Last modified June 14, 2012