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Auto Attendant Voice Mailboxes

Stanford Hospitals and Clinics


How to update your Listen-only mailbox message

Here is the procedure for updating messages in Listen-only mailboxes formerly associated with ECP.

Auto Attendant allows your department's callers to dial one number and receive a menu with programmable options. Your Department IT Contact — with the assistance and implementation by an University IT/Project Consultant — can specify what destinations the options represent.

The Auto Attendant option is available to University, Hospital, and Clinic departments, or to individual faculty and staff.


Auto Attendant can help in situations where you need to streamline a high volume of redundant calls and maximize low departmental resources.

The Auto Attendant menu can have nine options. If you require more than nine, you can have a sub-menu. This service is designed and implemented by University IT/Project Consultants.


For rates, please refer to "Specialized Voice Mail Services" on the Rates page.

How do I order?

Have your authorized Department IT Contact call 4-HELP (4-4357) and request a referral for an University IT/Project Consultant to assist in the design of an Auto Attendant application.

Timeline: 2 to 3 weeks from the time all decisions have been agreed upon with routing design.

Last modified December 10, 2015