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Renew Frozen Virtual Hosts

You may have been directed to this page because University IT froze your virtual host. Follow the instructions below to renew your virtual host; virtual hosts that have been frozen for six months will be deleted.


University IT requires each virtual host to be renewed once a year to avoid maintaining resources for sites not using the service. After a month of warnings before that deadline, we freeze the virtual host for six months, then delete it if it is not renewed. If you know that your site is no longer in use and you want to remove it immediately, please go to your virtual hosting page and click Delete next to the virtual host that you would like to remove.

How to renew

You can renew your virtual host by going to:

Once there, find your virtual host in the list and click the Renew link for it. It may take up to three days for University IT to unfreeze your site, and you will receive an email once your site is renewed. Renewal lasts for one year. 

Renew virtual hosts that you don't own

If you would like to renew a frozen site, but you notice that it doesn't show up in your virtual hosting page, it likely means that you are not listed as an owner of the site. You can either:

  • submit a Help request and ask that you be added as an owner of the site, or 
  • use the search box on your virtual hosting page to see who the owner is, and ask them to renew the virtual host for you. If you need to change the owner, please submit a Help request.

Please note that both individuals and PTS groups (optional) can claim ownership for virtual hosts. University IT recommends assigning a PTS group as a co-owner if possible, so that if one site administrator leaves Stanford, there are others in the PTS group who can renew the site the following year.

Last modified May 23, 2019