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Power Query in Excel: Data Transformation using Get and Transform

Class Sessions

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  • Thu Feb 6, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Birch Hall 107 (Birch Lab B) $400

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Class Description

Take advantage of Excel Power Query to quickly manipulate, clean, restructure, split, merge and combine datasets, preparing them for analysis.

Imagine being able to save up to 90 percent of the time that you currently waste on convoluted, repetitive tasks in Excel. It’s possible with Power Query.

If you...

  • Routinely download reports from Oracle BI that you must fix in Excel quickly to prepare them for further analysis,
  • Frequently receive Excel spreadsheets from multiple sources and must combine them into a clean, perfectly structured dataset extremely fast,
  • Struggle to extract important information from Excel datasets using convoluted, hard-to-understand formulas,
  • Spend countless hours trying to fix various data problems all the time,
  • Perform any sort of routine and annoyingly repetitive dataset manipulation tasks in Excel
  • Occasionally feel that you may get sick from too much copying and pasting

...then this class is for you. Learn best practices to stop wasting time and perform these tasks quickly and easily with Power Query.


Excel Power Query, a.k.a. “Get and Transform” is, in fact, the amazing power hidden in Excel. Most people are clueless that it can completely revolutionize your Excel data workflow and save up to 90 percent of the time that you currently waste in Excel. 


It will not only make your tasks easier and faster but may also help you almost completely eliminate repetitive data-transformation tasks.  


With Power Query, you can set up your data-transformation workflow once and then perform the same transformations on other datasets automatically - with a single click of a button.


In this class, you learn how you can take advantage of Power Query - even if you’ve never heard of it before. 


This is your chance to rethink your data-management workflow in Excel, so you can finally stop wasting time and focus on what’s really important. 


Here are examples of what you get in this session:

  • Grab data from multiple sources by using Power Query and combine them in Excel.
  • Quickly clean and transform any dataset before importing it into Excel, not after.
  • Eliminate repetitive work from your daily data-management Excel tasks.
  • The perfect workflow! Transform consistently messed-up data sets with a single click.
  • Quickly consolidate data from multiple sources into one nice and clean dataset.
  • How to split, combine, merge and extract data.
  • Full control and mastery of text, numbers, and dates.
  • How to append and merge datasets without copying and pasting or using VLOOKUP.
  • How to pivot and unpivot your data. (This is huge!)
  • How to add calculations to your datasets.
  • And more!


If you do not know how to take advantage of Power Query, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities to improve your data transformation workflow.


This class focuses on productivity, so you can stop wasting time in Excel and concentrate on what’s important - your data.



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