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Introduction to Excel PowerPivot

Class Sessions

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  • Thu May 28, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Birch Hall 105 (Birch Lab A) $400

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Class Description

PowerPivot is an extremely powerful and flexible self-service Business Intelligence tool. In this class we cover how to revolutionize your data analysis workflow with PowerPivot.

Now you can be among the tiny handful of savvy Excel users who know how to take advantage of Excel's latest revolutionary self-service business intelligence tools whenever you wish.

Learn how you can take advantage of PowerPivot to completely redesign your data-analysis workflow for actionable insights and maximum productivity.

A major process-improvement opportunity is at hand when you learn PowerPivot. But how do you know if you must learn it?

What PowerPivot offers:

  • Work with large datasets in Excel without limitations. (PowerPivot lets you "massage" and analyze millions of records in a split-second time without any slowdown whatsoever.)
  • Get datasets from multiple sources and you want to know how to combine them into one quickly and easily. (You'll appreciate the PowerPivot's flexible data modeling tools.)
  • Transform your data from a "messed-up" state to quickly and cleanly get it ready for analysis and reporting. (Excel's Power Query, also known as Get And Transform works like a charm with PowerPivot.)

Topics covered in the class include:

  • How to quickly connect Excel to various multiple data sources
  • How to clean and transform your data quickly and easily
  • How to build a data model in Excel and how to tap into its relational-database power
  • How to create and manage pivot tables based on the data model
  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions) - the ultimate power of PowerPivot
  • How to set up your workflow so you don't have to recreate your reports over and over again


Basic Excel experience


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