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Effective Negotiation Skills Using Slack and Google Drive

Class Sessions

Date Location Cost
  • Thu Aug 22, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Birch Hall 107 (Birch Lab B) $405

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Class Description

In this session, receive an introduction to core negotiation theory combined with ways to use Slack and Google Drive to promote more collaborative and successful negotiations. You will practice preparing for and conducting a negotiation.


In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, participants will raise awareness of the tension between collaboration and competition present in most negotiations and learn how to foster more collaborative negotiations to optimize results and preserve relationships. 


Participants will discuss and practice effective preparation for a negotiation using core theoretical concepts along with collaboration tools Slack and Google Drive. They will increase also consciousness of and ability to shift between influencing strategies.  Finally, they will conduct the Grangeland v. Wildside Whisky putting these concepts into practice, using technological tools to enhance the process. 


Learning Objectives


- Understand and manage the tension between collaboration and competition in a negotiation


- Consciously define and apply the core concepts involved in preparing for and participating effectively in a negotiation such as:

   - Distinguishing surface level demands or positions from the underlying needs and motivators to create more potential for collaborative solutions and good relationships

   - Using objective criteria for justification and legitimacy

   - Increasing awareness of your alternatives to a negotiated agreement 

   - How to map and use third parties

   - Planning what information to give, get, and guard

   - Clearly defining your target and bottom line so you are clear what you are striving for and when to walk away


- Identify and increase competence using technological tools to enhance preparation for a negotiation among team members


- Raise awareness of the different types of influence or leverage operative in every negotiation and how to choose and shift among influencing strategies more effectively


- Identify and improve use of technological tools to enhance collaborative participation in a negotiation, both in person and remotely


- Build confidence in ability to negotiate successfully with other team members based upon core theoretical competence and practical support tools



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