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CSS3: From the Beginning

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  • Tue Feb 6, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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This class provides all of the essential information you need to make the best use of Cascading Style Sheets. With CSS in your tool belt, you can build web sites that look amazing, are multi-device friendly, and that will impress your site's visitors!


Turn the CSS rules into powerful tools and the CSS idioms into things we can talk about in plain English. Alignment of elements? Check. Columns? Check. Responsive web design (for multiple devices)? Check. Integration of HTML5 and CSS3? Check. This class helps you quickly find and adapt the style elements you need. Learn how CSS3 features complement and extend your CSS practices. Discover new value types and new CSS selectors and how to implement drop shadows, multiple backgrounds, rounded corners, and border images. Also, get new information about transforms and transitions. Activities Through multiple hands on examples, we'll explore how individual CSS rules work to build our knowledge. We will start off with the CSS idiomatic expressions that are essential: - columns - alignment - layout - page flow - how to control these expressions so that they do what you want them to do We will look at the various ways to make our pages prettier, and best practices for things like fonts, line-heights, content spacing, shadows, and gradients. We will see various tricks we can do with CSS selectors, both well known and the newer ones; e.g. zebra striping tables. We will have fun with CSS3 interactive rules, from transitions to transforms to animations, and how best to apply them. The theme of responsive web design will run throughout the day, and we will address directly in some of the more complex examples, essentially what is responsive web design and how can we use it in our multi-device world.


Pre-requisites: A solid knowledge of HTML5