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How to use idp-uat


Want to try out a new version of the IdP before it goes to production? Need to work with shibboleth administrators to develop an unconventional attribute release?  In addition to our production identity provider at, we also have a user acceptance testing (UAT) system available at  The primary uses of the UAT system are: testing new versions of software packages; developing new attribute definitions; ensuring attribute releases for a given service provider are correct.

Members of the FarmFed federation are free to use either IdP depending on their needs.

How to use

The metadata and attribute filters for all federation members are identical on the production and development systems, so FarmFed members can generally switch between the systems without involving shibboleth administrators.  The metadata and SSL certificate for the UAT system are available for download on the FarmFed federation page. Of course, as a UAT system, beware that it will at times be unavailable as we debug and restart the server without notice.

Last modified August 10, 2016