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Tips and Hints

The vast majority of the users of the Stanford telephone system have single-line sets. With a single-line set you are able to access all of the commonly used system features with a few simple steps. This guide summarizes a few of features that can benefit you the most.

My phone doesn't have a button labeled “transfer.” So how do I transfer a call to someone else?

Transferring a call from your set to any other phone on the Stanford system is easy. Simply press the button marked Flash (Link on the older Link+4 sets). Dial the 5-digit phone number of the person you want to transfer the call. Wait for the party to answer and you can announce the call. Press Flash (or Link) and the calls are connected. You can then hang up. By the way, you can transfer calls to any building on campus, in the medical center or to the many off-campus sites that also have Stanford numbers.

I have a personal voice mail box. How do I know that I have a new message waiting for me to review?

Single-line set users have two options for voice mail message indication.

The stutter-dial tone option gives users an audible indication that they have a new message in their mailbox. When you lift the handset or press the Speaker button a broken dial tone will let you know that you have a message waiting for review. You can either retrieve the message or place your call and retrieve the message at a later date.

The Message Waiting Light option gives users a visual indication when there is a new message in their mailbox.

Talk to your Department IT Contact about which option might be best for you.

My department has an intercom group for the multi line sets. Can single line set users be part of an intercom group too?

Intercom groups are a great way for people in the same department to reach one another by dialing a 2-digit assigned number for each set. Single line set users can also utilize the intercom feature. In fact, a departmental intercom group can include a mix of single and multi line sets.

Single line set users can call individuals in their intercom group by simply dialing # and then the 2-digit assigned number for that individual.

Intercom group numbers are assigned through the Stanford telephone switch. Talk to your Department IT Contact about the best intercom configuration for your department.

Note: You can establish an intercom for a number for as long as it is not a multiple appearance directory number on the single line set.

My telephone is set to forward calls to my voice mailbox after 4 rings. I'm away from my office a lot. Is there any way I can program my phone on occasion to send all my calls to voice mail?

Manual call forwarding to voice mail is one of the most frequently used features of the Stanford telephone system. To activate forwarding from your set dial: *70 then the 5-digit access number to voice mail (3-0000 university users, 3-1111 for Stanford Hospital users), you'll hear a confirmation tone and you can hang up. Your phone is now forwarded to voice mail. To cancel forwarding dial: *80.

Last modified August 17, 2011