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Calling Name Display


An enhancement for Meridian ET Display sets and Classic ET Display sets, Calling Name Display allows you to display the name of the Stanford person calling, or the Stanford person being called.

Through your Department IT Contact, as an individual user you can elect to have your name associated with a particular phone number, regardless of what type of telephone set you are using. You can use personal names or department names. Then, when you call a Stanford number that is using a multiline display set, your name is displayed for the person receiving the call.

Within a department, this feature can be useful by allowing main answering points, or others with multiline display sets, to quickly identify intra-department callers as well as callers from other Stanford areas.

The feature is available for any telephone on the Stanford telephone system at no monthly charge.

How does it work?

First, your Department IT Contact provides University IT with a list of the names of individuals who would like to have their names displayed when calling from a particular telephone number. For example, Mary Smith should be associated with 3-1234. It does NOT matter what type of telephone set is associated with 3-1234. When Mary Smith dials someone who is using a Meridian ET Display set or a Classic ET Display set, the recipient of the call sees:


Calling Name Display has a 24-character limit. You can use all letters and numbers, and some punctuation. Since a Meridian ET Display set can list up to 24 characters, this set will display both the name and extension. A Classic ET Display set, however, can list only up to 16 characters. If the name and extension number fit within this limit (as in the example above), both are displayed. If the name and extension exceed this limit, only the name is displayed.

The caller with Calling Name Display has the option of turning the feature off for a particular call by dialing *98 before placing the call. The call recipient would see "DN UNKNOWN" on the display. The feature has no effect for calls placed to or received from non-Stanford telephones or calls placed to single-line Stanford telephone sets such as a Link+4 or ATC Impression.

How to order

To request Calling Name Display or get more information, contact the Stanford IT Help Desk at 5-HELP.


For activation and monthly charges, see the Rates page.

Last modified December 9, 2015