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Meridian E.T. with Display

Meridian E.T. with display


The Meridian E.T. with Display is appropriate for an individual or an area with above-average telephone activity (e.g., secretarial or receptionist positions, department answering points when multiple telephone lines, one-button access to features, and the advantages of an alpha/numeric display are required.


  • On-Hook Dialing — allows you to dial a number without lifting the handset. (After making a connection, you must lift and use the handset to converse.)
  • Adjustable, 32 Character Alpha/Numeric Display — LCD readout that displays numbers dialed, source of incoming calls (e.g., the on-campus extension or DID for calls originating from off campus), and the reason that a call was forwarded to the E.T. set from another set (e.g., the other set was in use, was not answered, or had all incoming calls manually forwarded to the E.T. set).
  • Eight Assignable Feature/Line Keys — allow you to use features or telephone lines by pressing a single key. (Keys are assigned by Communication & Networking Services as specified by the Department IT Contact on the E.T. Features worksheet. See Ordering Instructions below.)
  • Hold Key — allows you to place a call on hold without dialing an access code.
  • Release Key — allows you to disconnect a telephone call automatically.
  • Eight LCD Indicators — triangle “lights” next to feature/line keys remain lit or flash, as appropriate, to indicate when a line is ringing or in use, a call is “on hold,” or a feature (e.g., Message Waiting, Call Forward) is in use.
  • Adjustable Volume Control for the Ringer and Speaker — allows you to adjust the volume for the telephone ringer and one-way speaker (used with on-hook dialing) to any of four levels.

Model details

  • Multiple-Line — up to five telephone numbers may appear on the set.
  • Base Style — low-profile, wedge-shaped desk set.
  • Base Measurements — 8.25"W x 9"L x 5"H.
  • Handset Style — contemporary-style “legacy” handset (cannot be used in acoustic couplers).
  • Ringer — electronic sound.
  • Fully Modular — modular adapters for attaching line from jack outlet to telephone set and for attaching handset to telephone set.
  • Handset Cord — spiral cord from handset to telephone set extends 9 feet.
  • Line Cord — line cord for connection between telephone set and jack is 7 feet.
  • Colors — the Meridian E.T. is available in black with a matte finish.

Power requirements

Typically, the Meridian E.T. with Display has no additional power requirements. In some cases, when the telephone is in a location distant from the telephone wiring closet, the phone may require an AC adapter (not included with telephone, but available from University IT).

Service level

You can use the Meridian E.T. with Business Telephone Service.

Pricing and availability

The Meridian E.T. with Display is available from University IT. For details on pricing, see the Rates page.

Ordering instructions

To order a Meridian E.T., you should order online at the Order IT site.  Place an * under SET TYPE and specify set and color as “Meridian E.T. Display Ash” or “Meridian E.T. Display Black” under EXPLANATION OF WORK REQUESTED on that form. In addition, complete an E.T. Features worksheet. For more information about getting access to or using the Order IT site, see the help pages at Ordering Services for Faculty and Staff.

Last modified September 7, 2018