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Using auto dial on a multiline phone

This feature permits you to program one frequently used number so that it can be automatically dialed by pressing a single button.

Program a number without lifting the handset

  1. Press: the AUTO DIAL button once
    LCD diamond next to the AUTO DIAL button flashes
  2. Dial: 5 digit on-campus telephone number OR

    Dial: 9 + telephone number

  3. Press: the AUTO DIAL button again
    LCD diamond next to the AUTO DIAL button goes off

Initiate an auto dial call

Lift handset. LCD diamond next to your PDN lights

  1. Press: the AUTO DIAL button
    The programmed number is automatically dialed.


  • Only one number can be stored under this button. The stored number can contain up to 24 digits. It it recommended that you do not store your authorization code as part of your auto dial number for security purposes. (Unauthorized individuals can have access to your authorization code by using your auto dial button.)
  • To change a number, simply program the new number over the existing number.
  • To delete a number, simply enter # instead of the number.
Last modified January 18, 2019