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How do I get the software I need onto the Privileged Access Workstation (PAW)?

Check the BigFix software offers by opening the BigFix client (located in the System Tray on Windows machines, or in the top menu on a Mac).

  • If the software you need is on the list of available software, then select it and click Accept and BigFix will install the software in the background.
  • If the software you need is not on the list, you can install it yourself by following the instructions on the PAW Self-Service Software Installation page. If you need help packaging and bulk-deploying software to a large group of PAWs, submit a Help ticket.
    Note: The Information Security Office (ISO) maintains operating system updates and core application updates. If you use third-party software, tell the ISO when new versions are available so we can make them available to your PAWs.
Last modified November 7, 2017