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How to Request OrderIT, UIT Billing Dashboard and BI Reporting Access

OrderIT, UIT Billing Dashboard and BI Reporting Access

First, you must be authorized as a department contact and have a SUNet ID. Access is granted simultaneously to the following systems and will allow you to place orders in OrderIT, view an interactive UIT Billing Dashboard and pull billing reports in OBIEE.

Access is granted based on the University's organizational hierarchy and approval is needed from the person in your department with signature authority over the org codes.  Please note that access is granted by each specific org code and not through cascading levels.  Therefore you will need to provide each and every org code that you need access for including any that are under a parent org.  

For the Hospitals, the staff Organizations have been assigned using their department's Cost Centers where their paychecks are debited. The Hospitals will need to provide their cost centers for authorization for placing orders and viewing reports.

Access will provide the ability to:

  • Place orders: place orders for new services or make changes to existing services in OrderIT.
  • View dashboard: view interactive UIT dashboard to see billing trends and quickly find billing data.
  • Pull reports: pull, print and download all client reports including the monthly UIT Billing statement in OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition).

Who needs access?

An employee whose job responsibilities may include one or both:

  • reconciliation of department expenditure statements
  • placing orders for UIT (University IT) services

If you are unable to see a service or search for a subscriber in OrderIT, you may not have the correct authority. Submit a Help ticket and state what service or subscriber you are unable to see.

How do I get access?

  • Before requesting access, you must have a SUNet ID
    • Hospital staff can request a base SUNet ID sponsorship through their manager at no cost
  • Once you have a SUNet ID, submit a Help ticket to UIT Billing and Revenue Operations
Last modified October 9, 2019