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Clutter and Stanford Email

Clutter is a feature in Office 365 that filters low priority messages out of your Inbox so you can easily scan for important messages. Clutter analyzes your email habits, and based on your past behavior, it determines the messages that you’re most likely to ignore. It then moves those messages to a Clutter folder, where you can review them later.

By default, clutter is enabled. However, you can turn clutter on or off anytime from the Outlook on the web Settings menu. See Use Clutter to sort low-priority messages in Outlook for more information.

On occasion, some important Stanford communications have been incorrectly identified as clutter. To address this issue, email from the following addresses are now  excluded from clutter and will continue to be delivered to your Inbox:


You cannot train clutter to filter messages from these senders.  If you want to filter email from a Stanford email address out of your Inbox, you'll need to create a rule. Rules take precedence over clutter. If you have a rule to move a type of message out of your inbox, clutter does not interact with that message.

Create a rule

A rule can be quickly created from any message.

We recommend you create these rules from Outlook on the web so that they are applied to wherever your email is read, regardless of the client or device you are using.

  1. Log in to webmail.
  2. Make sure you have a folder to move your filtered mail into. You may want to create a new folder for this purpose.
  3. Right-click a message from a sender or to a recipient you want to filter.
  4. In the popup menu, click Create rule.

    choose to create a new rule based on message settings
  5. On the New inbox rule page, suggested rules are displayed based on the message sender,  recipient, and subject. Select the conditions you want the rule to match. Add more conditions if you wish.

    select conditions you want to filter
  6. In the Do all of the following section, select Move, copy, or delete > Move the message to folder.

    choose to filter messages to a folder
  7. Select a folder to move messages into that meeting the selected conditions. Click  OK to return to the New inbox rule page.

    select folder to filter messages into
  8. Click OK to save the rule.

    You may receive a warning that some rules that were created in Outlook and are currently disabled will be deleted. Before you delete those rules, you may want to sign in to your account using Outlook and check the rules to see if you want to keep them. Enable any rules you want to keep.

Create a rule — alternative method

You can create a new rule using the Inbox rules page.

  1. Click the gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  2. In the Settings panel on the right, click Mail.
  3. In the Options panel on the left, navigate to Mail >Inbox and sweep rules.
  4. In the Inbox rules section, you can see the rules you already have created. Click the plus sign (+) to create a new rule.
  5. See Inbox rules in Outlook Web App if you need more information about creating rules.
Last modified September 16, 2016