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Internet2 Technical Information

Welcome to the technical background section of Stanford's Internet2 site. Today, these pages include GIF-format diagrams and maps that graphically illustrate some of the network methodologies and topologies that make up the physical components of the Internet2 project. You can browse the pages or use the thumbnail images below to jump to a specific page. You can also download these pages as Powerpoint slides.

Data Activation Model (click for a larger view)
Stanford Giganode (click for a larger view)
S.F. Bay CalREN-2 GigaPoP (click for a larger view)
Los Angeles CalREN-2 GigaPoP (click for a larger view)
Abilene Core Topology (click for a larger view)
vBNS Backbone Map (click for a larger view)
Last modified December 9, 2015