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Stanford Employees: How to Order Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Before you start

You will need to know your departmental IT contact to order your phone. There is a departmental IT contact assigned to every department or group on campus. If you don't know the department contact for your group, call 5-HELP, Option 3 for clarification.

Request a Stanford business mobile device (phone, hotspot, etc.)

Stanford employees who qualify for a Stanford business mobile phone or hotspot must take these steps:

  1. Get department approval for a stipend or a department-sponsored phone.
  2. Choose a phone. Note: If you work with High Risk Data you must install MDM.
  3. Take the steps to transfer your existing number, or request a new one.
  4. Ask your department contact to order the phone and service through OrderIT.

Mobile device services come in many flavors. You may request:

  • A new device and service with a new phone number.
  • A mobile hotspot and data plan. Learn more about mobile hotspots and outdoor learning services
  • An upgrade to your current Stanford-owned device.
  • A transfer of your personal phone number (also known as "transfer of liability") to Stanford's corporate account.
  • A transfer of your personal phone number from one carrier to another (also known as "port") and to Stanford's corporate account. You must order a new device if you port your number to another carrier.

Some departments have guidelines on the devices you can purchase. Check with your department contact or STAR.

Please note that accessories such as headsets, cases, and Bluetooth devices cannot be purchased through the Mobile Device program.

Transfer your personal account to the Stanford business plan

Decide whether you will keep the same carrier or if you will change carriers.

  • If you keep the same carrier, the billing change requires a transfer of liability.
  • If you switch carriers, the billing change requires a port.

For a Transfer of Liability (TOL):

  1. Call your carrier directly and separate the line (the phone number) from any shared plan and ensure that your family members have their own plan.
  2. If this number is a Pre-Paid line it must be converted to a Post Paid account before submitting a request to transfer to a corporate account.
  3. Equipment Installment plans must be paid in full before transferring liability to Stanford.
  4. Ask the carrier to note in your account that you give permission for a transfer of liability to Stanford. The representative may use the acronym "TOL" when confirming your permission.
  5. Ask your department contact or STAR to place the order for your department-approved phone and service.

For a port:

  1. Ask your department contact or STAR to place the order for your department-approved phone and service.
  2. You will receive an email from asking for your carrier name, billing address, account number, and pin code or password for the account.  Note: Never transmit sensitive data such as your social security number by email.
Last modified June 25, 2021