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Proximity through Jabber for Wireless Content Sharing

Using Cisco Proximity, you can easily share content from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet wirelessly in Cisco video-equipped meeting rooms. The newest Jabber software, version 12.8.2, integrates directly with Proximity to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience.   


  • Ensure you are using the Cisco Jabber 12.8.2.  If you are not using the latest version (12.8.2), download and install the application here.
  • To use Proximity, the device you want to share content from must be:
    • connected to the Stanford Wifi (SSID: Stanford)
    • in the same room as the video conferencing room system you’re using
    • unmuted (Proximity uses sound detection to locate and connect your device to the room system.)

Note: Proximity is not recommended for sharing videos or content with animations. This includes slide decks with animation effects.

How to share content with Proximity

Log into Cisco Jabber and follow these steps.

1. Click the Proximity icon   located in the bottom left corner of the Jabber Application

2. Cisco Jabber will search for a Cisco Room System to share with.

3. A popup message will display showing the device name and the status as Connected.

4. To share content on the device, click Share on Device.

5. To stop sharing content, click the Proximity icon and then click Stop Sharing.


Last modified June 16, 2020