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Google Talk

Google Talk is an instant messaging service. You can use it to send instant messages, transfer files, make voice calls, and leave voicemail messages.

Access to Google Talk instant messaging (IM) is via the Google Mail web interface or by using an instant messaging client such as Adium or Pidgin. The Jabber instant messaging service supports persistent group chat rooms, but Google Talk does not. If you have access to both IM services do not configure both accounts in a single client; this will cause the client to crash.

If you are configuring an IM client for Google Talk, use your as your user name and your Google (not SUNet ID) password.

Kerberos is not required for Google Talk.

Google also provides a Voice and Video Chat browser plug-in. This lets you have a conversation with someone or chat face to face over video.


  • Can see who is online and send instant messages.
  • Can make voice calls and send voicemail.
  • Able to transfer files to your friends and contacts.
  • Able to archive your chats.

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Last modified April 21, 2017