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Desktop Overview

The Zimbra service was retired on December 31, 2015.

Stanford Email and Calendar works with almost any desktop email client. You can continue using whatever you're using now, with no changes. This gives you the freedom to choose the best tool for you. We recommend:

  • Outlook
  • Apple Mail and iCal
  • Thunderbird

Some clients offer more features than others. Using the Outlook Connector, Outlook can do real time two-way synchronization of mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar. Mac users can configure Apple Mail, iCal, and Address Book to provide the same functionality.

This means that if you send a message from the web, it will show up in your Sent folder in Outlook or Apple Mail. If you create a distribution group in Outlook or an Address Book Group on a Mac, it will be accessible from Stanford Webmail. If you add an attachment to a meeting in the Stanford Calendar, it will be accessible in iCal or Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

This is the recommended desktop client for Windows. Learn more....

Apple Mail & iCal

This is the recommended desktop client for Macintosh. Learn more....


This is the recommended desktop client for Linux and UNIX. It is also an alternative client for Windows and Macintosh. Learn more....

Last modified August 7, 2014